Workshops   "Healing from PTSD"

                      Movie "Healing" 

Retreats       " Sky Meditation" Tibetan Transmission

                      Four days-- daytime and Full Moon

                      Date: August 17-20, 2016

                      Location: private ranch in Sebastopol, California

Purpose of sky meditation is realization of emptiness.  When combined with D'Tummo breathing to open the pelvis, the union of emptiness and bliss can be attained.  A state of Enlightenment.

Teleconference    "Listen With Your Heart" FREE Every Sunday

                       Meditation practices to transform daily life

Individual Sessions     Available by appointment

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"Meditation" by

Tom McConnell

Copyright 2013. Aubrey Degnan, Ph.D.. All Rights Reserved.


"Luminous, The Soul's Journey

to Enlightenment"  (excerpt?)

by Aubrey Degnan  

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"Healing" a Feature Documentary  (1 hour 18 minutes)

True stories on trauma and PTSD, the stages of recovery, and the inner world of healers. Shock, repressed memories, freeze frame moment of impact of shock, fear of revealing "the secret", building trust, and the healing power of love.

(trailer-or same excerpt as for Seb festival))

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Audio Guided Meditations Teachings on Spiritual Awakening

(audio from film)