Aubrey Degnan, Ph.D. is the Founder & Director of Healing Our                                       Future.  As a transpersonal psychologist, she is credentialed by both                                     Eastern and Western traditions with extensive training in Reichian                                       Body Work, Medical Qigong, Gestalt, Chinese Soul/Mind/Body                                           Medicine, and Buddhist Psychology.   Her primary purpose is to help souls open into expanded states of consciousness while simultaneously being grounded in daily life.  Her private practice is in Sebastopol, CA.

                              Tom McConnell, Ph.D. holds degrees in Comparative  Religion,                                         Paleontology, and Computer Science. His first voyage into "the                                            nothingness" occurred age 11.  He received formal meditation lessons

                              from a Buddhist monk while in Laos pursuing US intelligence

                              assignments.  He holds a Black Belt in Judo & is a Master of Tai Chi. He lives in Sebastopol, CA.

Testimonials & Awards

Dr. Degnan has received two commendations for her responses to crisis and trauma from the U.S. State Department and New York State.



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Healing Our Future is dedicated to assisting individuals, couples, and communities develop healthy models for daily life. Beginning this internal exploration be it psychological, physical, spiritual or mental we clear ourselves of past pains. poor relationships, incomplete communications, and unhealthy habits. We clear using a variety of alternative healing modalities.We clear past traumas and stuck places within us.

Our world with its many cultures is undergoing  large shifts  environmentally, technologically and in our humanity.  How we relate to one another is a deep choice individually as well as within our society.  To relate with understanding, compassion, creativity, and respect for our differences, we must also internally live by the same values.

Our Purpose